Leading the Pro-Life Movement’s Response to Chemical Abortion


First using COVID-19 as an excuse to make chemical abortion pills, that cause injury, infertility, and death to women, available to all women without seeing a doctor and now using the urgency of Roe’s reversal to push for mail and pharmacy abortions, Chemical Abortion Pills are now the leading cause of abortion death in America. The goal of the abortion industry is to eliminate brick and mortar, easy to protest, easy to shut down abortion facilities and turn every bathroom into one.

No-test, at-home Chemical Abortions result in the contents of the uterus (the child and the placenta developed to sustain his or her life) being disposed of in the toilet or bathtub, resulting in recognizable human fetal remains being regularly found in wastewater. The battleground for the pro-life movement has shifted requiring an innovative response. Here’s how the Pro-Life Generation has been leading the charge…


This is Chemical Abortion Docu-Series (produced in partnership with AAPLOG and Heartbeat International)



Two national webcasts for pro-life grassroots activists on chemical abortion with 19,505 combined attendance.





Even though some states have passed laws to prevent surgical abortions in their state, chemical abortion drugs are still flowing to the states. We’re working with state legislators to introduce and pass legislation to hold abortionists accountable for mailing these dangerous drugs to women. In addition, the Ending Chemical Abortions Act of 2023 has been introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Andy Ogles of Tennessee.



After an exhaustive review with some of the best minds in pro-life policy and litigation examining what the pro-life movement can
tangibly do during an Biden Administration to restrict and end Chemical Abortions, the Demetree Institute & Students for Life of
America got to work.

First, we held individual meetings with Attorney General offices of nine states and resulted in a national pro-life AG coalition. Then, our legal team researched, wrote, and submitted four Citizens Petitions to the Food & Drug Administration asking them to reconsider their approval of Chemical Abortion Pills as it harms mothers and our environment. Next, we’ll be testing waste water throughout the United States and publishing the findings.


Check out more of our chemical abortion efforts at ThisIsChemicalAbortion.com.