New Poll Finds that Millennials & Gen Z — Now about One-Third of the Electorate – Don’t Hold Extremist Abortion Views, Embrace Limits


A Desire for Less Abortion, More Freedom, and a Firm Rejection of the Biden Administration’s Push for No Test, Online Distribution of Chemical Abortion Stand out in New Poll from Students for Life of America’s Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement. 

For the third year in a row, Students for Life of America polled Millennials & Gen Z on the abortion policy and opinions shaping the public debate. The newly rebranded SFLA’s Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement is releasing our annual survey of the distinct perspectives of Millennials & Gen Z as America waits at a legal crossroads. For almost 50 years, the Supreme Court has controlled abortion policy, after nullifying the laws of the 50 states in Roe v. Wade and its companion case Doe v. Bolton. But with the Dobbs v. Jackson before the Supreme Court case with its direct confrontation of Roe’s flawed reasoning as well as its rejection of limitless abortion before viability presents new avenues for legislation and social change, especially at the state level.

The purpose of this on-going poll is to get the opinions of the generation most targeted for abortion, first as survivors themselves, and now as desired consumers of an industry whose purpose is death – death of the preborn and death of opportunity for their mothers to become more than what Corporate Abortion said is possible. The business of abortion is predicated on the sales pitch that women are who they fear they are on their worst day – alone, without help, unloved, and likely to remain that way, as well as never to succeed in life because they can’t balance career and family. The misogynist undercutting of women is central to the abortion pitch, and Planned Parenthood & Co. have had more than 50 years to tell women that they should be in a civil war with their bodies and their future, as well as undercutting the humanity of the child in their womb. Understanding this generation’s point of view provides opportunity for effective conversation.

What makes this examination of the abortion viewpoints of 18–34-year-olds significant is the fact that they now make up the largest voting bloc at 31% of the electorate. The Pro-Life Generation is poised to carry considerable weight in elections to come. The policy they prefer is likely to become law.  

THE BIG PICTURE: Far from being Pro-Abortion, Straight Ticket Voters without Nuance, Millennials and Gen Z share concerns about the extremes of abortion, desire to have a voice and a vote on life, and thoroughly reject the reckless and deadly policy pursued by the Biden Administration on Chemical Abortion.

THE LOGISTICS:  Vinea Research conducted a 10-minute online survey from January 5-11, 2022, to more than 900 respondents between 18- to 34-year-olds and applied weighting to match national census data, with a margin of error of 3.5%. Far from being a push poll, the survey looks at real time breakdowns of this demographic. On political affiliation, this year’s poll found slightly more 18– to 34-year-olds saying they are inclined to support Democrats. (Party Affiliation: Republican, 27%; Independent, 24%, and Democrat, 43%). However, more than 6 in 10 entertain conservative or moderate opinions and are open to conversation on the issue. (Political Views: Conservative, 26%; Moderate, 37 %, and Liberal, 31%)

Vinea Research was formed in 2013 largely to serve social advocacy and faith-based organizations. Vinea was formed by Hans Plate and is largely made up of seasoned market researchers who have strong experience in commercial research. Hans Plate has worked as a fulltime market researcher since 1992, working predominantly for what are now TNS Healthcare and IQVIA, both in the healthcare sector. During that time, he provided professional market research based insights to industry-leading companies such as Pfizer, Medtronic, and Genentech to name a few. Vinea Research provides a full range of services that include qualitative moderation and quantitative research, encompassing varying levels of research complexity and business issues explored. For more information, email [email protected].




Roe’s Hijacking of all Public Policy Decisions has Little Support.  


  • More than ever, Millennials and Gen Z want a voice and a vote on abortion. An astonishing 8 in 10 want to vote on abortion policy in their states – UP from 66% last year.
  • Standing firm in their desire for less abortion, once again 3 out of 4 Millennials and Gen Z want limits with more than 4 in 10 favoring either no abortion at all or abortion limited to the exceptions of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.
  • While the economy is the political issue that most concerns a plurality of voters, 1 in 5 say abortion also motivates their vote (19%). (This compares with a recent Associated Press poll that found 13% of Democrats said that abortion was an issue they wanted the federal government to address, up from less than 1% in 2021 and 3% in 2020.)
  • In fact, after learning more about Roealmost 6 in 10 oppose Roe’s radical reach, of abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy.


Forced Funding of Abortion or Forced Participation is Not Popular and help for women welcome. 


  • Paying for All Abortions Worldwide was not on the Millennial and Gen Z agenda. More than half oppose paying for abortions worldwide (55%).
  • More than half also opposed forcing healthcare workers to participate in abortions, acting against their beliefs.
  • Despite the aggressive attacks on Hyde Amendment Protections in U.S. spending, Hyde had strong support with 54% favoring limiting taxpayer funding of abortion in the U.S. to cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger.
  • Though reluctant to support a complete ban on abortion, Millennials and Gen Z indicate that more services for women of all kinds would help them accept abortion limits.


The Universal Sign of Life – a Heartbeat – moves Millennials & Gen. Z.  


  • The universal sign of life – a heartbeat – matters to Millennials and Gen Z. Now 52% indicated that after a baby’s heartbeat is detected, they want either no abortion at all or abortion only with exceptions made for rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger. That is up from 47% in 2021.
  • MORE THAN HALF of Millennials and Gen Z would support a ban on abortion when a heartbeat is detected (52% to 48%).
  • And 2 out of 3 Millennials and Gen Z would support requiring a doctor to check for a heartbeat before an abortion. (This year’s 65% in support is up from last year at 60%).


Judges & Politicians are the Wrong People to decide who is a human being. 


  • An individual’s humanity should not be decided by those in power. When considering how devalued people have been treated historically by those in power, 65% of Millennials and Gen Z did not support allowing people in power to decide who is fully human and deserving of legal rights.
  • About half believed that determining when life begins is tied to early medical milestones and not individual opinions, including judges or politicians.


Education is key. After learning more about Roe, most Millennials & Gen Z rejected its radical impact on mothers and their preborn children.  


  • Once again, education on the true impact of Roe v. Wade changes hearts and minds.
    • Initially, 6 in 10 expressed some support for Roe, but those numbers flipped after learning more about Roe’s impact, ending with a 50-50 split — a 10% gain after some education on Roe’s true impact.   
  • After learning about the legal impact of Roe:
    • 67% oppose sex selection abortion
    • 60% were concerned about the disproportionate number of minority lives lost
    • 58% oppose abortion through all 9 months, which Roe permits.
    • 55% oppose taxpayers funding abortion or underwriting abortion vendor costs.




The New Frontier of Pro-Life Abortion Policy: From Late-Term Limits to Life’s Beginning, with Chemical Abortion Pills front and center. 


The Radical Agenda of the Biden Administration and their Political Allies to Create a New, Deadly Online, No Test Abortion Market is Strongly Opposed by Millennials & Gen Z who recognize the value of health and safety standard that save lives – including the lives of the mothers. As Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action has illustrated in recent years the push for expanded use of Chemical Abortion Pills without health and safety standards will lead to injury, infertility, and even death. With education, Millennials & Gen Z recognize the risks and support life-saving efforts.


  • Pushing pills in ways known to harm women made no sense to a strong majority of Millennials and Gen Z. The move by Abortion Radial Joe Biden’s FDA to strip out in person care and health and safety standards for Chemical Abortion Pills doesn’t sit well with the generation targeted by Planned Parenthood & Co. More than 6 in 10 oppose No Test, Online distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills. 
  • Protecting fertility was important. The strongest objection to No Test Abortion Sales is to selling Chemical Abortion Pills without screening a mother for blood type, which is important because Rh-negative women (15% of the population) can become infertile without treatment after birth, miscarriage, or abortion after she comes in contact with her child’s blood. More than 6 in 10 Millennials and Gen Z (64%) support requirements for screening for blood type and treatment for Rh-negative women.
  • Taking the time to save women’s lives mattered — 53% oppose selling Chemical Abortion Pills without an exam while 62% support a follow up exam to prevent infection/death.
  • Screening for known causes of death has agreement — 59% support ultrasound screening before a chemical abortion to prevent death due to a later term pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Preventing pressure from being applied to a young girl alone with an abortion sales team or a boyfriend/partner was a commonsense protection that has traction — 59% support adult engagement, such as a parent, guardian, or judge, before a minor is sold Chemical Abortion Pills.
  • Stopping abusers also received a strong reaction — 65% support in-person purchase to prevent abusive partners or sex traffickers from getting the drug to use on women without their knowledge or consent.
  • Standing strong against reckless No Test, Online Chemical Abortion Pill sales and distribution is a winning issue. Almost 7 in 10 Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to support a candidate who supports laws that require in-person medical care and testing before and after the sale of dangerous Chemical Abortion Pills.