In preparation for a Post-Roe America, schools need to provide resources for pregnant and parenting students’ success. During the summer and fall of 2019, Students for Life of America, through the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, rated 19 Chicago area schools in five key areas (Title IX compliance, housing, on-campus resources, financial assistance, and medical attention) as an innovative and unique evaluation of student needs based on SFLA’s work on more than 1,200 school campuses in all 50 states. Our primary findings show that no school is perfect: Only 5% of schools have maternity parking; 14% of schools don’t allow pregnant students to remain in their dorms (a Title IX violation); and only 21% of schools provide childcare to infants. Education plays an important role in helping families find pathways out of poverty and build the best future for their children. Project goals include working with the schools to hold them accountable to facilitating student resources and to call upon administrators to work towards greater accessibility to education and programs for pregnant and parenting students.


Pregnant & Parenting Ratings Project PDF