Students for Life of America’s Poll Illustrates an Education Deficit on Information About the Help Available for Pregnant and Parenting Students.

PROBLEM: Students for Life of America Releases Poll Showing that Millennials and Gen Z Largely Uninformed About Those Standing Ready to Assist Pregnant and Parenting Students

SOLUTION: SFLA Launching Re-Branded Pregnant on Campus Program as Standing With You.

February 2021

Students for Life of America/Students for Life Action are leading innovative efforts to engage Millennials and Gen Z on the facts of abortion’s many harms and the support available for mothers and their children, born and preborn.

Case in Point, SFLA’s Standing With You Initiative that provides a one-stop-shopping location for information on support and services. This is a rebranded and expended program, which began as Pregnant on Campus.

On Helping Families: Millennials and Gen Z STRONGLY support helping Mothers and their Children, born and preborn.

Our Poll found:

Millennials and Gen Z, the generation targeted for abortions, needs help in knowing where to go to take care of a baby. Little more than 3 in 10 were aware of resources for pregnant women.

  1. Less than half (45%) say they have seen resources for pregnant and parenting students while in school.
  2. When provided a list of protections for Pregnant and Parenting students (detailed in the Pregnant and Parenting Bill of Rights and found in Title IX), only 2 in 10 had basic knowledge of protections in the law.
  3. More than 7 in 10 support Federally Funded Paid Leave, though they also supported other paid leave proposals.
  4. Almost 6 in 10 would support candidates who support such leave.
  5. Almost 6 in 10 support changing laws for adoption home studies to make it easier on those going through adoption.
  6. Sadly, the generation most targeted for abortion, Millennials and Gen Z, have had limited exposure to information about the services and support available to them when pregnant and parenting. For those of us engaged in daily efforts at the community level this just shows that we have a challenge in front of us can inspire us to redoubling our efforts.

Millennials and Gen Z by large margins supported efforts to help pregnant and parenting students with financial support as well as efforts to enlarge the pool of people who can facilitate adoptions. Students for Life supports the work on those engaged in adoption reforms and understands that the home studies and evaluations are important to ensure child safety and family support.

Based on SFLAction’s work in Virginia to expand the number of people who can assist in that process, the poll asked: Currently, home studies for foster care and adoptive parents are conducted by social workers. There is often a long wait for such studies to be held. Would you  support or oppose reforms that would allow career public servants (including retired teachers, police officers, and firefighters) to perform home studies that are typically only done by social workers? Almost 6 in 10 agreed with adding more people into the process of facilitating safe homes for children.

Poll released February 10, 2021