MEMO TO THE MOVEMENT: Issue 1 Youth Vote Exit Polling


Yesterday, voters in Ohio approved a ballot referendum, Issue 1, which will enshrine the “right to abortion” through all nine months for any reason in their state constitution. Ohio is now another state that has fallen victim to well-funded misinformation campaigns. Passing with a 57% majority, this result should signal two things for the Pro-Life Movement: 1) The Pro-Life movement’s battle following the reversal of Roe will be a marathon, not a sprint; 2) We still missed the mark in communicating to voters the extremism of the pro-abortion proposal.

While Americans remain divided on the legality of abortion, several studies have proven the majority of GenZ and Millennial voters do agree with at least some gestational limits. However, when faced with confusing messages, voters will cave to pressure and ultimately vote against their own values.

We conducted our own exit poll to discover what messaging most compelled a youth voter’s “yes” or “no” vote on Ohio’s Issue 1.

Read the full downloadable memo below.